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3D003 3D magic hook
  • 3D003 3D magic hook
  • 3D003 3D magic hook
  • 3D003 3D magic hook
    • Baby safety door stopper finger guard
    • Category:Magic Hook
    • Item No.:3D003
    • Item Name.:3D003 3D magic hook
    • Size:70*90mm(base), 25*35mm(hook) 1pc
    • Material:
    • Color:
    • Price:
    • MOQ:3000 sets
    • Place Of Origin:Guangzhou, China
    • SELL HOTLINE:(+86) 400 8841 438
    • Two-dimensional code:
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    Product Specifications:

    70*90mm(base), 25*35mm(hook) 1pc 

    Content Details: 

    3D003 3D magic hooks, have vivid shapes and Synthetic rubber + PS + PET material. It is useful and also a good decoration to your home.

    Packaging: Blister card

    Samples: available in 3 days

    Shipment: by sea/by air

    Lead time: 30 days after conformation of your PO

    Supplier Certificate: SMETA, WCA, ISO 9001:2008

    Hang strong on flat surface which free of grease, oil or dirt.

    Remove cleanly without suface damage.

    Easy to remove and apply

    Resuable with water.


    • No mucilage glue, and washable for reuse.

    • Water proof, dust proof.

    • Removable, no stain and marks when removed.

    • Various customized printing designs are available.

    • Loading capacity can reach 2-5 kgs.


    3D003 3D magic hooks, have vivid shapes and Synthetic rubber + PS + PET material. It is useful and also a good decoration. Hang strong on flat surface which free of grease, oil or dirt. Remove cleanly without suface damage.

    Company Profile:

    GUANGZHOU PRODIGY DAILY-PRODUCTION CO., LTD Our company is more than 11-year top quality manufacturer certified by ISO 9001, UK standard factory audit SEDEX(SMETA) and WCA. We produce many dozens of baby safety items in EU standard,including baby safety locks, door stoppers,door guards, corner & edge guard, plug protector, safety bed rails etc .The products passed tests of REACH, PAHs, EN 71-3, ZEK, AZO, popular and trending in EU, Northern & southern America, Australia etc. 

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