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PRObebi is founded in 2004 as a reliable brand for baby safety items at home, the integrated unit of R&D, production and trading. For 10 years, PRObebi has been concentrating on the career of child safety of home use and constantly perfect ourselves. Factory of PRObebi has gained certificates of ISO 9001:2008 and UK factory audit SMETA(SEDEX). The professional, safe and multi functional products win great reputation among the clients and end users.

Since the very beginning, PRObebi always adheres to high quality, manufacturing products in strict accordance with EU and international standards, which are warmly welcomed by the global market and trusted by many thousands of parents worldwide. PRObebi items are now rapidly spread to various grand stores worldwide and our baby safety products often fall short of demand. In the many-years production, we insist on innovation; constantly develop more new products on basis of better functions, easy operation and aesthetics.   

By the name of PRObebi, we endeavor to offering perfect baby safety products for families of the whole world, with kindest wishes for all parents to ease their tensions on potential hazards to little kids. Our commission is to give all babies proactive full protection with the safe & joyful home, to let hurt far away from children at home, to allow babies growing safely and freely.   


One day in 10 years ago, Annie attended a family reunion. When the adults are happily talking and kids in joyful rough-and-tumble play, a big bang and horrible howling broke out suddenly. It’s the 4-year-old cousin Bobo tumbled at the low cabinet and hit his eye to the sharp corner. Bobo’s bloody face really frightened his mother -- Auntie Cheung to tremble and choke with sobs…… Bobo finally had to implant an artificial eye due to serious damage. 

Since then Bobo became self-closing and uncommunicative. Though the whole family worried him a lot and brought him a psychologist, but of little help. To change Bobo, auntie turned to Annie, who thereafter watched him a day in the kindergarten. Sadly Annie found Bobo always stay alone and else children kept distance and alienation with him because of the queer artificial eye. When a little kid walked by, Bobo peeped timidly and was downcast once the kid not inviting him to play together. With efforts, Annie did her best for Bobo and made him come out from autism, but he is never self-confident enough, also not as happy as before. Annie can’t forget this sad memory, and then she looked for means to avoid such accidental hurt to babies. 

The effective preventive measure is to practice baby proofing. After 2 years preparation with the assistance of early childhood specialists and product designer, Annie start up the baby brand that concentrates on baby safety protective items at home---PRObebi. According to various potential hazards at home, PRObebi developed a whole series of baby safety household products, including categories of anti-collision, anti-pinch, prevention of access to hazardous items, fire prevention, anti-slip, prevention of eye and body injury etc. As insistence on non-toxic, multi functional and easy operation, PRObebi was popular in the market as soon as being launched.   


With 10 years of production experience, PRObebi has become the representative enterprise of top quality manufacturer of the industry; successfully realize integration of products’ functions and beauty. She enjoy high prestige inside and outside of the industry for her home safety products set environmental, safe, concise and quality of one. Her commitment is to keep home safe for baby. She adheres to the commission to let hurt away from children and guard kids’ active nature. With mature experience in baby safety industry, PRObebi would help worldwide parents to create safe oriented home and to relieve their worries on babies exploring home alone.

PRObebi wish all babies growing safely, happily and freely!   

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No.62, BoaiRoad, Tanzhou, DagangTown, Nansha Distr., Guangzhou, 511470 China


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